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CNC Milling

CNC Milling

CNC Milling


Model PRS Standard 96-48

Manufacturer ShopBot

Work Area X: 2.49m

Y: 1.27m

Z: 0.2m

Materials Wood and composite materials (MDF, multilayer, vertical laminates) and polymeric materials (Nylon, HDPE, fusing wax, rigid foam)

Technology CNC MILL

The CNC milling cutter allows cutting, digging and drilling various materials using a high-speed spindle and tools of various shapes and sizes. The starting file can be a two-dimensional drawing or a three-dimensional model. The shapes that can be obtained are limited by the milling direction; if the piece is worked on one side only, undercuts are not possible, and the cavities must be large enough to allow the entry of the chosen tool. The thickness of the materials that can be worked on depends on the length and type of milling bits used.

Description Large machine, suitable for carpentry work, it allows to process panels of the standard size 2.49mx1.27m, but works with excellent precision on even small-sized materials..

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